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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our alloy wheel services

Do you remove the tyres?
Yes, Amazing Alloy uses the latest state of the art tyre bay equipment to remove and refit your tyres ensuring your sparkling new alloys do not get damaged.
Do you refurbish the whole of the wheel?
Yes – at Amazing Alloys we offer a full refurbishment service, so the whole of the wheel is refurbished. The front, back, inside and out!
My tyres keep losing pressure, I've been to my local tyre centre and my tyres are fine, can Amazing Alloys help?
Yes – this is very common problem with ageing Alloy Wheels, there is usually corrosion around the bead where the tyre seats, this corrosion leads to an uneven surface and air can escape and tyre pressure is lost. Because Amazing Alloys offers a full refurbishment and we remove all existing paint and shot blast the wheels, this problem is eradicated and a nice smooth surface is left for the tyre to seat against the bead.
How would you recommend to clean my wheels once they have been refurbished?
We would recommend a PH neutral cleaner and water. We would recommend that you do not use any type of wheel acid cleaners as this can lead to a degradation of the materials used. We also do not recommend using a pressure washer.
Do you treat all alloy wheels the same when refurbishing?
Yes, to ensure the highest quality standards Amazing Alloys refurbishes every wheel exactly the same, from the smallest of kerb grazes to buckled alloy wheels – you know that once your wheels have been here they will be as close to showroom condition as you can get.
Can you repair my alloy wheel if it has a crack in it?
Yes, we offer a full alloy weld repair service and once the weld has been completed we fully refurbish the wheel so you would never know it had a crack in it in the first place.
Can you repair my wheel if it has a buckle on it?
Yes – we offer a full buckled wheel repair service and once the buckle has been fully straightened we fully refurbish the wheel so you would never know it has a buckle in the first place.
How long until I can drive my vehicle after I have had the wheels refurbished?
Straight away – we use powder paints specifically designed for alloy wheels and once they are cooled they are ready to go back on the car and drive away!
Do you refurbish split rim alloy wheels (2 piece alloy wheels)?
Yes – Amazing Alloys is fully equipped to refurbish split rim alloy wheels – full care is taken when splitting the wheels and refitting them back together again.
How do I know if my alloy wheel is Diamond Cut (polished) or a painted wheel?
Diamond cut wheels (machine polished) have very faint lines on the flat faced polished surface similar to the lines on a CD. Painted wheels will usually have a fine metallic sparkle finish.

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